Women’s March Los Angeles

January 21, 2017: A historic day of unity, organizing, fervor, and love.

I marched in unity with millions around the world, with women and men of all colors, ages, gender identities, religions, and economic levels, to say that the imminent attacks on all of our rights will not be tolerated.

The incoming administration has voiced clear intent — and already begun — to strip away civil rights and access to health care, raise housing premiums for those who can afford it least, enforce unjust policies on women’s reproductive rights and immigration, and impose laws that will destroy the environment.

I am proud to be among these individuals committed to protecting all of our rights. 

This is just the beginning.



One thought on “Women’s March Los Angeles

  1. I admire spirited women. Donita organized “Rock The Vote”; Liz Montgomery narrated “The Panama Deception” and spoke out on other important causes. But be careful not to get caught up in a Sky-Is-Falling paranoia — especially when some of the promoters of these events have political agendas of their own. Tonight PBS’s “Frontline” presented a very measured take on how Trump’s campaign strategies ran completely oblique to the established norms, got ridiculed and reviled, yet ultimately overturned all expectations. It’s very possible his approach to governance will employ the same tactics and engender the same results. It’s hard to argue with success…

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