What now? Reflections on the election of Trump

what-nowTo say the least, it has been difficult to process the outcome of this election. Like many of you, I am dealing with heavy emotions and deep concern for our future as individual citizens, as a nation, and as a member of the global community.

I am anxious about the significant setbacks we face with a Trump presidency for civil rights, health care, and the environment. I am deeply concerned by the levels of racism, sexism and bigotry increasingly unapologetically put on display by an alarmingly large number of our compatriots that are shared and supported by the president elect. I worry about the ramifications of changes to global trade deals and foreign policy, and what that will mean for our economy, our nation, and for the world. I am fearful of the lives that may be lost as the result of rash decisions by the man who will soon hold the code to our nuclear arsenal.

How did this happen? Those of us who lean left have some serious reflection to do. Thomas Frank gets it right in identifying the Democratic Party’s failure to create a meaningful dialogue with the American working class, and faults the choice of delivering a status-quo candidate in the face of a populace screaming for change. (You can read his essay here.)

Most importantly: What do we do now?

We must study, investigate, learn, and TAKE ACTION. We must actively support the people and issues now facing even greater challenges. Here is a shortlist of worthy causes to get us started.

This will be a more difficult time than many of us have yet experienced, and it will require all of our participation to prevail. Let’s choose to rise to the challenge, not with hate and vitriol, but with compassion and optimism.

Let’s get to work.


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