In the studio: Mad Men’s final season

In the recording studio with composer David Carbonara for the addictive series’ final season

Composer David Carbonara fell in love with “Mad Men” years before anybody knew about the show.

Photos by Linda A. Rapka David Carbonara leads the "Mad Men" string section at EastWest Studios in Hollywood March 22 for one of the show's final episodes. Pictured in the booth (top right): engineer Jim Hall, composer David Carbonara, contractor John Rosenberg, and orchestrator Geoff Stradling.

He met screenwriter Matt Weiner in 1998, and the two became fast friends over music. In 2001, Weiner handed Carbonara a speculative script for his pilot about a show following the exploits (professional and otherwise) of overly confident womanizer Don Draper, head of the creative department at a growing Madison Avenue ad agency in the 1960s. Weiner told Carbonara if the show were ever picked up, he would do the music.

In 2006, that’s just what happened. Since its debut in July 2007, “Mad Men” has become one of the most acclaimed dramatic series of all time.

“After the show got picked up, we had to score the pilot, which is very different than the rest of the series — we had an opportunity to do a little bit more fun music,” Carbonara said in an interview with “The second show, ‘Ladies Room,’ is where I developed a score sound for the show. The episode was all about Betty’s problems. so the strings and the woodwinds, that started with Betty. I wanted to score the season like a film, where I score characters and themes develop.”

The network decided to split the final season of the hit series in two. The first seven episodes, dubbed “The Beginning,” airs April 13. The final seven, “The End of an Era,” will be released in spring 2015.

Check out pix I took at the recording session here!


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