Deap Valley – Sistrionix

Deap Vally

Nevermind they met in crochet class. Guttural blues rock duo Deap Vally emotes anything but tender things warm and fuzzy. Envisage Janis Joplin backed by a White Stripes/Zeppelin hybrid, and you begin to scratch at the tip of the voracious musical hybrid that is Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards. Hot off a stint at Coachella the L.A. natives continue to make molten splashes both here at home and abroad. Keeping busy all over Europe, Deap Vally shares stages with the likes of Mumford & Sons and Iggy Pop, hobnobs with Robert Plant and recently rocked out on the BBC’s ever-popular Later… with Jools Holland. Their debut full-length, Sistrionix, opens with “End of the World” pairing alarm-inducing guitar tones with a pulsating beat that gloriously won’t relent. With this kind of intro, you immediately know what you’re getting into: a distortion-fueled journey of angst, frustration and fuck-all attitude of two very strong and independent women. Fending off sexism with precipitous kickdrum beats and addictive guitar riff, “Gonna Make My Own Money” sees Troy frothing. “You say marry a rich man … Daddy, don’t you understand?/I’m gonna make my own money/Gonna buy my own land.” On the driving “Baby I Call Hell,” they demand with purpose and power: “If you wanna serve me/Show me you deserve me … No you don’t get this if you don’t treat me well.” This brand of no-nonsense lyrics abounds on this record, as do Edward’s red-hot drumming and Troy’s delightfully cathartic vocal purging. “If our mothers only knew the trouble that we get into,” Troy delights on “Bad for My Body.” If the music is any indication, we can’t even begin to imagine.

Originally published by L.A. RECORD


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