Ratatat @ the Henry Fonda 9/10/08

As published by LA RECORD:

“Bodies in motion” can best describe the packed house as New York’s energetic electronic/synth instrumental powerhouse Ratatat took over the stage on night two of their double-play at the Henry Fonda. Guitarist Mike Stroud and bassist/synthman Evan Mast have amassed a formidable following over the past few years by driving massive guitar riffs and fuzzy bass lines over synth-based, tape-looped beats. Incrementally adding band members to each tour, an all-time high of four musicians shared the stage, with additional bodies appearing behind drums and extra synths. Once again the lineup included human perpetual motion machine Jacob Morris, whose upper extremities (massive-fro topped head included) have been flailing about with wild intensity throughout entire Ratatat sets the past several tours. The extra manpower on stage added a valuable element to the duo’s already amazing live shows, which only show to profit from the use of real instruments over pre-recorded sounds. The energy of the four musicians seemed to rub off on the crowd, which jumped up and down in a collective human blob up until the very last note, expelling the occasional unified outburst when familiar songs from previous albums such as “Wildcat,” “Lex” and “Loud Pipes” were played. The visual portion of the show included background projections of the music videos for each track, featuring new ones off the band’s fifth, more dance-oriented release (third album proper not counting Ratatat’s two hip-hop remix albums), “LP3.” Notable new videos included “Miranda,” mixing scenes from a hackneyed Schwarzenegger flick with visuals of people catching on fire and exploding and flying hundreds of feet into the air all in perfect synch with the music, and “Flynn” showing the ridiculous Paul Simon 1986 music video “You Can Call Me Al” featuring none other than Chevy Chase.

-Linda Rapka


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