No Age, Moris Tepper @ the Troub 8/23/07

As published in L.A. Record:

Local duo No Age is what the early Velvet Underground would’ve sounded like if Lou Reed were a happy punker (just try and listen to the rhythm of “Everybody’s Down” and not think of VU). Guitarist Randy Randall and singer/drummer Dean Spunt blast LOUD, raw, enthusiastic, experimental punk rockage fused with melodic pop, using fuzzed-out guitars over incessantly pounding drums with layer upon layer of cymbal crashes and feedback loops and angst-ridden lyrical mantras like “Well, I hate you/ I hate you/my life’s alright without you” and “Everybody’s down/every soul in every town/everybody’s got me going oooh-ahhh ooh-ahh ooh-ahh oooh,” and yes, I realize this is a run-on sentence, but it pretty much sums up the intense whirlwind feel of a No Age show. Though the Troubadour crowd is notorious for exploring how motionless it can be at any given time, expect to see manic crowd surfing at any other venue No Age plays. As for the evening’s openers: I completely missed the Mae Shi (sorry guys) and Moris Tepper, whom I try to see at every opportunity, was amazingly kick-ass as expected, though I missed (damnit!) all but the three last songs.


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