Dengue Fever @ Knitting Factory 8/14/07 (preview)

As published in L.A. Record:

More like a festival than a mere show, Cambodian Rock Night at the Knitting Factory will host a double-feature screening of the award-winning Ros Sereysothea documentary The Golden Voice, which shares the little-known story of Cambodia’s most beloved female rock singer, whose career was cut short when Pol Pot’s hellish regime took over the country in 1975, and Sleepwalking Through the Mekong, a chronicle of a visit to Phnom Penh by L.A.’s own Cambodian/rock band Dengue Fever during the Bon Om Thook water festival in 2005. The evening will also feature a live performance by the Khmer Fusion Project, a San Francisco four-piece that blends traditional Cambodian music with jazz and funk. (And they doesn’t mess around–each member of the band studies an instrument with a Cambodian master.) But the highlight of the evening will undoubtedly be the live set by Dengue Fever themselves, whose infectious blend of Cambodian rock ‘n’ roll mixed with modern pop, dub, surf and an ever-so-slight hint of ’60s soul screams tribute to Sereysothea. With all this plus DJ Siem Reap Duff spinning Cambodian rock favorites between sets and nightlong specials on Cambodian beer, the only thing missing will be the somlar machou banle (sour fish soup). (LL)


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