Albert Hammond Jr. @ HOB 5/21/07

Squealing teens and Hollywood B-listers were in full force at the House of Blues for the solo stylings of Albert Hammond Jr. As published in L.A. Record:

The Strokes’ guitarist has built himself quite a following with the release of Yours to Keep, an album full of songs rejected by his bandmates. This is pretty surprising, since tunes like “In Transit” and “Everyone Gets a Star” would sound right at home on any given Strokes album. Sure, they’re more sunny, more radio friendly—but they still have a bit of a New York edge that keeps them from vaulting into emo, off-kilter vocals notwithstanding. Playing against a huge backdrop of the album’s cover art, the band seemed right at home amidst the tranquil, sun-kissed river scene with its flowers and bunnies—the perfect compliment to the light, poppy, carefree music. Though there’s nothing really innovative going on here, Hammond can write a damn catchy pop tune. As long as you’re not seeking out the Strokes, you should find him head-boppingly pleasant. And if he’s cool enough for Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green, he must be cool enough for you.


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