Syd Barrett night @ Bordello 4/19/07

As published in L.A. Record:

I discovered Syd at the tender age of 12, having caught the tail-end of “Baby Lemonade” on KXLU. For a long time, I held him to be a treasured unknown, an obscure artist—my secret find. That is, of course, until I learned that he was the founder of Pink freakin’ Floyd. Bordello’s Syd night featured 20 local bands doing one song each; I arrived later than planned and was happy to find the place packed with fellow lovers of the peculiar genius, though unfortunately I had just missed Eleni Mandell (I hear she did a lovely rendition of “Feel” on the ukulele). The DJ blasted classic Syd tunes between bands, and I mean blasted – I needed my earplugs more in-between sets than when the bands were playing. The first band I caught was the hippyish Big Search, which performed a dead-on rendition of “The Scarecrow” off Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Up next were Mezzanine Owls with “No Good Trying.” Kicking off their performance by asking the audience, “So who loves Sid Vicious?!” the funnymen in Kennedy delivered a great disco version of “Gigolo Aunt,” and the cheeky buggers mixed in Dark Side of the Moon’s “Time” in the middle of it all. The Moon Upstairs performed a super-chill version of another Piper track, “Matilda Mother.” The Pity Party was up next, having just raced over from a gig earlier that evening. I didn’t think a Barrett song could get any spookier until I heard their hypnotizing version of “Baby Lemonade.” Hubcaps closed out the evening with a medley of “Lucy Leave,” “Candy and a Currant Bun” and “Interstellar Overdrive.”


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