The Horrors, The Willowz @ Cinespace 3/20/07

I’d planned to check out The Horrors and The Willowz with a friend of mine at the Dim Mak 3-year anniversary show, but at the last minute he informed me he’d be unable to make it. Not feeling up to a solo adventure on this particular eve, I got myself cozy on the couch and was just about ready to pass out when Aubrey called. At the request of The Horrors, she was invited to shoot the show and asked if I wanted to tag along. I took this as a sign from the heavens and headed to Hollywood.

We arrived at Cinespace to find the line wrapped around two – yes, two – city blocks. Even though it was a Dim Mak party, and even though it was Bloc Party related, this I was not expecting. Hmm. We pushed our ways past the throng of people crowding the bouncer and Aubrey told him we needed to get in. We were on the list. We would miss the band and not be able to shoot if we didn’t get in. In a grand gesture, he waved his arm among the pulsating throng and chuckled, “Everybody’s on the list!” A few moments later our Plan B arrived. A member of one of the band’s playing that night arrived with his entourage, and about a dozen kids cooler than everyone else were shuffled in by the bouncer with open arms. Aubrey funneled in amongst them, grabbed my arm, and in we went.

We managed to catch the last half of blues/glam/psychedelic rockers The Willowz before London’s The Horrors went on. Mixing ’60s garage punk, ’80s hardcore and a heavy dose of adrenaline, those U.K. boys are as intense as they are talented. The band’s freaked-out video for “Sheena is a Parasite” speaks for itself.

After their set Bloc Party were supposed to go on, but neither of us really cared to stay for that. I’d def recommend checking out The Horrors the next time they roll through town.


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