Clinic at the Troub 3/2/07

Famous for donning surgical masks and scrubs on a stage decorated with old medical equipment, Liverpudlian quartet Clinic makes music that sounds as if it were created in a dank abandoned hospital (think Lars von Trier’s “The Kingdom”).

Courtnay and I arrived at the Troubadour last Friday in time to catch a most boring set by Sea Wolf. With all those people on stage you’d think there’d be a little more action, but they were as dull and lifeless as the Troub’s notoriously lackadaisical audience.

However, all hints of boredom ceased once Clinic took the stage. I was blown away when I saw them a couple of years ago and was again this time ’round. Donning their regular surgical masks, with monk-like scrubs and mysterious top hats, the band’s unique brand of stark garage-tinged rock blended with haunting grooves cured what ailed. Really. I have a wisdom tooth growing in, and during their set the otherwise incessant pain vanished (although, to be fair, the vodka may have helped some.)

Proving that these Brits put on a good show, some in the crowd were even (gasp) dancing! An amazing feat at the Troubadour, to be sure…


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