DC4 @ the Cat Club 1/28/07

When it comes to keeping it in the family, DC4 doesn’t fuck around. Comprised of Duncan brothers Jeff (former Odin and Armored Saint guitarist), Matt and Shawn, DC4 is fiercely dedicated to kicking out pure, hard rock. Having recently added British guitarist Rowan Robertson (of Dio and Vast fame) to their metal-loving family, DC4 played the Cat Club on Sunday night in celebration of Jeff’s b-day.

I’ve known the Duncans for a long time, as they’re the brothers of my friend, the lovely Ginger, whom I’ve known since our days spent in junior high giggling about boys, learning to play our geetars, and making fun of, well everyone. And hot damn, these boys can rock. I hadn’t seen them live since their last show about two years ago. They played their forthcoming new album in its entirety to the packed club. Introduced by birthday boy Jeff as “the newest member of the band, and of the family,” new guitarist Rowan Robertson absolutely shredded it up. Matt, Jeff and Shawn were stellar, as expected.

Stupid me didn’t wear my earplugs. I’m going to go deaf at 30 if I keep this up.


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