Library Bar / Tsk Tsk & The Colour @ Spaceland 1/25/07

This evening was supposed to start off by playing with toys a the Kidrobot Mega Event at The Standard downtown, but after Maxx informed us that the line was around the block, we opted for the Library Bar instead. I arrived with my photographer friend, the infamous Brian Dreisbach, who, of course, had camera in tow. He provided the pictorial documentation of our awesome evening.

Image set #1: At the Library Bar

weird lamp hanging as seen in the ceiling mirror:

the beautiful bar and the beautiful Maxx:

Brian and I left a couple hours later to meet up with my friend Jess at Spaceland to see Tsk Tsk. Sweetheart Kathleen put me and my friends on the guestlist (thanks again!). We caught most of The Colour’s set, who was performing the final night of their residency. Early Stones comparisons are not amiss with the band, whose lead singer has that Jagger swagger down pat.

The retro groove continued at midnight with Tsk Tsk. Featuring one of the best guitar players in the city, the fat, fuzzy grooves churned out by axe-master Cheryl, bassist Sean and drummer Steve set the perfect backdrop for frontwoman Kathleen, who belts out sweet and powerful vocals with a sexy self-assuredness reminiscent of PJ Harvey.

Image set #2: The Colour

Image set #3: Tsk Tsk

Visit Brian’s website,, for more amazing photos from the show. Then go check out the bands:,


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