The Pity Party @ Silverlake Lounge 1/22/07

Ever since seeing them at The Echo in November, I have been thoroughly obsessed with The Pity Party and have been impatiently awaiting their Silverlake Lounge residency this month. I caught them on Jan. 8 and was devastated to have missed them the following week due to having acquired the worst stomach flu in the history of humanity. Luckily I caught this third one. I met up with a few friends, and during the middle of the set was shocked at how many more familiar faces kept pouring in. I must have ran into a dozen of my lovely friends.


Needless to say, it was just as spectacular as expected. Openers Mere Mortals were spectacular, and everyone there (well, most everyone – damn you, Moe) LOVED The Pity Party and plans on catching them next week. As I didn’t get the chance to last time, I was glad to finally thank Marc and Julie proper for sending me their EP and zine (how sweet are they?!). If you haven’t yet seen them live, don’t miss next Monday!! You will thank me forever. Fo’ reals.


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