“Gonzo” – Hunter S. Thompson exhibit @ M+B Gallery 1/13/07

Notoriously fond of firearms and hallucinogens, famed “Doctor of Gonzo Journalism” Hunter S. Thompson was also quite the photographer. What began as a personal collaboration prior to his untimely death, the “Gonzo” exhibit at the M+B Gallery featured many never-before seen photographs from Thompson’s personal archive, including shots from his early days as a foreign correspondent in Puerto Rico, living in Big Sur in the 1960s, time on the road with the Hell’s Angels, illuminating self-portraits, and many personal moments with friends and family throughout the years.

The exhibit coincided with the release of Thompson’s final book of the same name and chronicles his life through his own photographs and memorabilia. “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone,” Thompson once said, “but they’ve always worked for me.” With a pricetag of $300, this was quite possibly the only time I’d ever get the chance to leaf through it.

I finally made it to this exhibit on Saturday with my friend Rafael and his buddy, who also happens a staffer of me old paper, the Courier. Rafael is one of the most gentlemanly men I know. Despite the fact that he’d be at my place for all of one minute, he felt it necessary to bring me a gift in the form of a case of Red Stripe. Oddly enough, this happens to be my beer of choice as of late. We’ve always seemed to be on the same beer wavelength. Spooky.

After the exhibit we headed over to Canter’s and shared the best Cobb salad known to man. All was fine and dandy until we arrived back at Raf’s car to find he’d gotten a parking ticket. Damned Hollywood bastards!


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