Best of 2006 mix

I’ve compiled some of my favorites of 2006. Should you like a copy, you’re welcome to it. I’m nice like that. (If I won’t see you for a while, send me a SASE.)

1. Dronebots and Peons For Eons and Eons – The Pity Party
2. Pour Me a Drink! – Head Like a Kite
3. Say BOOM – Bedtime For Toys
4. Lex – Ratatat
5. Fat Children – Jarvis Cocker
6. A Story Untold – Tsk Tsk *
7. The Room Got Heavy – Yo La Tengo
8. Techno Lovin – Crusticles
9. Listen Up! – The Gossip
10. Kidz are so Small – Deerhoof
11. If Looks Could Kill – Camera Obscura
12. Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio
13. My Time (Has Come) – The Twilight Singers
14. All My Heroes are Weirdos – !!!
15. In the Clouds – Under the Influence of Giants
16. Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups
17. Postcards From Italy – Beirut
18. On a Neck, On a Spit – Grizzly Bear
19. Many Lives -> 49 MP – Final Fantasy
20. Don’t Believe Anything I Say – Graham Coxon

* This may have been released in 2005, but as I only discovered the band last year I figure it still counts.


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