Lemon Sun @ the Echo 12/5/06

My friend Vivian decided to celebrate turning a quarter-of-a-century old with a delectable dinner at Malo followed up by Lemon Sun’s show at The Echo. On the day I received her evite, I happened to discover that losanjealous.com was having a giveaway for the show. Since I’ve been amazingly good ticket-winning karma as of late, I entered, and on the day of the show I received an email informing me that I’d won a pair of tickets. Oh, how I hope this streak doesn’t end any time soon…

Seeing this band perform live was an unexpected treat. I’d never heard them before and wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by their mp3s on Myspace. However, after seeing them onstage, it’s clear that this band was made for live performances. The band churned out indie pop mixed with hints of soul and rock with an ever-so-slight psychedelic edge. I’m still surprised the stage didn’t catch ablaze with all the energy that was bursting out of each of the five members, and especially from the frontman, who I could have sworn was the doppelganger of Mickey Dolenz circa 1968. Hosted by oddball duo The Mistress of Judgement & The Fool, the show also featured a magician, the Echo Park ice cream man, and a new line of vintage Lemon Sun clothing. The bartenders will served up a special alcoholic concoction dubbed a Lemon Sun Drop. And as a special holiday treat, everyone in the door received a free compilation of past Spaceland Recordings and was promised to be emailed MP3s and an iPod video of the night’s show. I did not anticipate just how foot-stompingly danceable they would be live.

I also did not anticipate the level of audience interaction that would take place. During the middle of their set the band handed out a box full of mini tambourines to those of us in the front, giving us an active role in the performance. One of my personal highlights of the show was when I was smacking my tambourine upon me bum during the cover of “Rebel Rebel,” failing to recognize the camera guy was pointing his recording device directly at me the entire time. Not exactly the close-up I had in mind, but at least my ass may become famous.

Major props to the band for being so super cool to birthday girl Vivian. Not only did they put her on the guestlist, they also gave her a b-day shoutout during their performance, which was especially cool considering the show was being recorded live for an iPod video to be released by spacelandrecordings.com. Thanks, guys!

2:16 PM


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