Red Hot Chili Peppers secret show @ the Roxy 11/13/06

Not to rub it in to all of you who missed out, but the secret Red Hot Chili Peppers show was seriously the coolest show of all time.

I learned of the free ticket giveaway via myspace post from LA By Word of Mouth. The gods must have heard my conversation with a friend just a few days before about how odd it is that we haven’t yet seen a Chili Peppers show. The post said that Zune would be giving away pairs of tickets to the first hundred or so people who showed up in line at the Circuit City on Sunset. After furiously texting everyone in my phonebook with this glorious news, I headed over there an hour early. Wary that I would be forced to fight my way through a massive throng of diehard RHCP fans with their lawn chairs and hippie tents who’d probably been waiting there since dawn, I was shocked to find a mere handful of people quietly standing in line. After double-checking to make sure I was indeed in the right place, I called my friends and alterted them to this unexpected strike of luck. Incredibly, even by the designated time, there were only about 70 people in line. Methinks perhaps this show is a little too secret…

In any event, the six of us lucky kids giddily walked away with our precious tickets. Before we left, one of the Zunesters let it slip that the secret location was to be the Roxy … THE ROXY … the Red Hot Chili Peppers and me in the teeny tiny 500-capacity ultra-intimate Roxy!!! It couldn’t possibly get any better than this.

And then it did.

On the night of the show, ticket holders had to log onto the Zune website, where the “secret” location would be disclosed. Though this wasn’t a secret to me, I logged on anyway and learned that we would also be provided with free parking directly across the street from the venue. Sweet. I also learned that in addition to the free show, free parking and free music giveaways, Zune would also be providing free food and an open bar all night long.

Who are you, kind Zune, and why are you being so good to me?

My carpool arrangement arrived at my place for a little pre-party action. Just before we left, we decided to all have one more shot, and I nearly sliced my finger off while cutting limes. There was blood. Then more blood. There was a never-ending stream of blood spurting out of my finger. Fuck me…

With several gin & juices coursing through my veins, I consider the fact that alcohol promotes bleeding as I tipsily attempt to tend my wound. I start freaking out, thinking I’ll have to miss the show and instead go to the hospital to get this damned blood-spout to stop. But by the grace of god, it stops bleeding. I slap on a band-aid and we head out.

My finger still throbbing, upon arriving at the show I immediately start swilling back free gin & tonics to ease the pain. Once the band took the stage, I was so excited … and inebriated … I forgot I even had fingers.

Needless to say, the Chili Peppers were beyond amazing. The Roxy transformed into a sauna the second they took the stage, with the crowd jumping, dancing and singing along with every single song. The setlist for the evening spanned the band’s entire career, including older songs like “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” and “Higher Ground” to stuff off of Californication and their latest album, Stadium Arcadium. They even threw in a Fleetwood Mac cover. My friends and I had a great close spot by the side of the stage. Seeing him so close made me realize that Anthony Kiedis is truly one of the sexiest men in the universe.

After the show, I met a crazy woman claiming to be John Frusciante’s mother. For a second I drunkenly believed her and attempted to sweet talk her into getting me backstage. Luckily my friends were on hand to safely guide me away from Ms. Looney Pants.

I love L.A.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the amazingly shitty video I drunkenly shot during the show:

Scar Tissue
Dani California
Songbird – a song penned by Christine McVie off of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours,” heralded by Anthony as, and I quote, “one of the greatest rock albums of all time!!!!”


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