Noel & Gem acoustic show @ Wadworth Theater 11/9/06

When I heard that Noel Gallagher and Gem of Oasis would be performing a special invitation-only acoustic show in L.A., I knew I had to win tickets, and I knew Jonesy was my best bet. Naturally, I was right and won four golden tickets for this special show at the Wadsworth Theatre on Nov. 9. My friends and I tried to get there early, but westside traffic is never kind. Why anyone would pay $1,500 a month to live in that hell hole is beyond me… Anyway, by the time we arrive, there are, of course, no seats to be found. It didn’t help matters that the entire middle section –which took up two-thirds of the theater’s seating– was sectioned off for “VIPs.” Explain to me how someone could possibly be a VIP at a FREE show…

But I digress.

After the announcement was made that there was no holding a seat for your friend who’d gone for a smoke, my friends and I were decided that our only option was to split up and fend for ourselves. I watched as one by one they got found seats and was left by me lonesome to aimlessly wander when one of the ushers that was trying to help us find spots earlier spotted me. Noticing the hopeless look on my face, she said to me, “I’ll get you a seat…follow me.” She proceeded to lead me to the center “VIP” section, third row, which had to be the very last seat in the house. Fookin’ rad!!

Before Noel and Gem took the stage, the audience was treated to a screening of the Oasis film “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down,” which followed the band during their 2005/2006 “Don’t Believe the Truth” tour.

After the film and a short intermission, the boys quietly walked on stage and without a word started in with an acoustic rendition of “It’s Good to be Free.” It was an entirely unique Oasis performance: they played a ton of b-side tracks, all with Noel on vocals and acoustic guitar and with different arrangements than those on the recorded versions. There was also a random drummer, who had just a snare, shaker and tambourine. Gem kept hopping back and forth between the organ and electric guitar. Noel was surprisingly chatty with the audience, making clever quips the entire night.

The setlist for the evening was as follows:

It’s Good to be Free
Talk Tonight
Fade Away
Cast No Shadow
The Importance of Being Idle
Listen Up
Half the World Away
Slide Away
Strawberry Fields
Don’t Look Back in Anger
Married With Children

I was able to catch some video of the amazing performance. Please note that I was trying to hide the fact that I was recording from wandering security, so there’s no need to comment on my lack of filming skills.

Cast No Shadow
Strawberry Fields Forever


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