Brazilian Girls @ the Wiltern 10/31/06

I spent Halloween at the Wiltern to see experimental electropopsters the Brazilian Girls. Contrary to the band’s name, they’re from New York, and all but the lead singer are of the male persuasion. They cover a broad range of genres – neo-tango, bossa nova, lounge, electronica – blending in seductive lyrics with sublte sophistication.

I managed to wrangle a free ticket to the show (thank you, Craigslist!) and met up with some buddies to carpool. Upon my arrival at the designated meet-up station, I was ambushed by costume-wearing nazis whom I used to call friends and was forced by gun and sword to put on a pirate wench costume two sizes too small.

I was surprised to see that we were not the only ones filled with the Halloween spirit: a good 45% of the crowd was donning a costume, and happily for me I was not the sluttiest one there. Openers Under the Influence of Giants blew me away. I had only previously heard their radio hit “Mama’s Room” and was pleasantly surprised by the eclectic mix of genre-spanning, highly danceable and funky tunes in their set.

Headliners Brazilian Girls had every single person in the audience end up drenched in their own sweat after dancing the night away to their hypersexified electropop/d&b/funkysoulful stylings – “Pussy” and “Don’t Stop” being just a couple the evening’s highlights.

In an extremely rare and unexpected turn of events, I ended up being the only one sober enough to drive home. The ride back with a belligerent group comprised of a knight, cat burglar, cowgirl and drag queen was another matter altogether…


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